Financial planning

  • Create an integrated plan using modern software
  • Ensure that your investments are in the right accounts to minimize taxation
  • Draw income from the best accounts to maximize flexibility and the longevity of your assets
  • Protect and benefit your loved ones

Investment oversight

  • Align your investments with your plan
  • Your investments fit with your comfort and your goals
  • Select from a wide variety of investment products
  • Maximize stability and minimize costs
  • Regularly review your portfolio for balance and performance

Income optimization

  • Maximize the stability and dependability of your investment income
  • Ensure that it isn’t all at the mercy of market movement
  • Investments must produce growth to keep up with inflation.
  • Coordinate the plan with government programs

Tax advice

  • Use tax modelling software to take advantage of every legal method to minimize taxes
  • Account for taxation over your lifetime
  • Coordinate my advice with your accountant
  • Review the plan regularly in light of changes to tax regulations and practices.

Estate planning

  • Direct the distribution of your assets
  • Review who your beneficiaries are
  • Ease the transition of assets
  • Protect the survivors while minimizing tax and costs
  • Simplify the job of the executor


  • I meet with clients for an general review each year
  • Meet or speak regularly as needed, especially at times of market uncertainty
  • We can meet at your home or office, at my office or at a public place such as a library or cafe
  • I can also meet by phone or online, when that’s more appropriate


My pricing is transparent and similar to or lower than the industry standard. It is based on a percentage of assets (fee-based) and ranges from 0.5% to 1.0%. I will lay out the full cost to you before we decide to work together.

Are you ready to begin?

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