A robo-advisor is typically a low-cost option to manage investments. We have partnered with NestWealth to provide an investment portfolio for people who prefer passive investments. We have found that the return (after fees) is similar to the return of actively-managed investment funds.

What does a robo-advisor do well?

Asset allocation. Low cost. Regular investments. Rebalancing.

What does a robo-advisor not provide?

Advice relating to financial planning, tax planning, producing retirement income, insurance, inheritance issues.

Which Robo-Advisor Should I Choose?

We have reviewed many of the robo-advice options available to Canadians. The service and products provided by NestWealth are some of the best, and we have been able to negotiate a lower price than you would get by signing up directly. If you sign up with NestWealth through this page, you also have access to my professional advice paid for by a referral fee from NestWealth.