To get your free retirement analysis and decide if I can help you improve your retirement income, start by booking a 15 minute phone call.

Why: To help you evaluate the value of our services and make an informed decision about working with me.

What: I will show you how to make your retirement income more stable and dependable and how to reduce your tax burden before you commit to anything.

Who: People who are nearing or into retirement, who have roughly enough investments to support themselves.

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Start with a 15 minute call

Your Free Retirement Analysis

1. Schedule a call

A 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. You wouldn’t visit an optometrist to discuss your diet. If we’re not the right fit, I will happily refer you to another professional.

2. Gather Information

I will request information from you about your current financial situation. It is held in strict confidence to protect your privacy. I will send you an analysis and set up a meeting to discuss the findings. My written analysis will answer:

  • Do you have enough to retire?
  • Are your investments positioned for stability?
  • Is your income optimized for tax efficiency?
  • What level of guarantees is most suitable for you?

3. Discovery meeting

The next step is to meet (in person or online). During this one-hour meeting, I will explain the findings of the analysis and answer your questions. I will also ask questions to understand your specific situation, your goals and motivations.

It’s important to understand your unique situation and personal needs before giving advice. I will also describe the strategies and tools I can offer and how they will work for you. At this point, you can choose to work with me, or take some time to think about it. I am looking for a long-term working relationship with my clients, so there will never be any pressure to say yes.

4. Personalized Retirement Strategy

After we agree to work together, I will request a few important documents. I will use this data and modern financial planning software for the analysis and to form the basis of a retirement income strategy that is tailored to your needs. I will apply my 15+ years of experience, relevant research by experts, financial planning software and tax modelling software to put together a strategy that will produce stable, dependable, tax-efficient income that will last your lifetime.

5. Review the Strategy

With a retirement income strategy prepared, we will have a second meeting (in person or online) to review our recommendations and put the strategy into action. I will explain exactly what you can do to improve your retirement plan. After this meeting, I will prepare the necessary documents and help you to complete them. We will then determine a schedule to stay in close communication going forward.

Start with a 15 minute call

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Fit?

I specialize in creating stable, dependable, tax-efficient retirement income from investments and provide the greatest value to:

  • People who are retired or plan to retire within the next five years.
  • You have saved and invested enough to support yourself in retirement. I can help you determine whether or not it will last.
  • People who want to rely on the expertise of a professional to know that their retirement income is dependable.

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